Reading Suggestions

Matney Cook

The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds by Linda Kohanov (
These two books were my first taste and exposure to Equine Facilitated Learning (E.F.L.). They sparked my journey to re-discover how to do and teach active horsemanship that aligned with my core values and beliefs. This included integrating this perspective into my way of starting horses under saddle and teaching any horse or human how to relate and communicate from a heart centered authentic place.

Naked Liberty by Carolyn Resnik (
My first introduction to Carolyn Resnik and her liberty based horse training methods. This book tells the tale of her childhood of learning how to integrate socially with a wild herd. A highlight of the book is when one of these wild horses offers its back to her for a ride! Guaranteed to give you goose bumps!

Centered Riding 1 & 2 by Sally Swift (
The therapeutically active riding method described in these books coupled with lessons from a level 4 Centered Riding instructor named Karen Irland changed my riding relationship with all horses. To me it’s the ideal riding technique to bringing E.F.L. concepts with you into the saddle.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (
An easy to digest and relate to book about the power of presence and peace of mind in your everyday life. Draws parallels of universal wisdom between all religions and schools of thought which can also be found in basic principles of many natural horsemanship teachers.

A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, and Richard Lannon
This book was part of my reading list for my H.E.A.L. ( Facilitator Training Program. Written by 3 prominent psychiatrists, it describes just how vital to our health on all levels relationship and love are, presenting multiple scientific studies blended with stories of real life experiences.