Attunement: being or bringing into harmony; a feeling of being “at one” with another being.

Attunement that is achieved through learning together with a horse becomes an exciting adventure of discovering strengths and growing edges. Using age old concepts I’ll aid you in discovering more about the nature of horses in general and the specific attributes of your own horse so that you may not just connect with your horse, but dance with them through an array of activities and challenges.

I offer a variety of options including lessons with my horse or yours for beginner horse enthusiasts and advanced horse people alike; training, at your place or mine; private or semi-private lessons; and workshops. Tell me about your goals and we will design a program to create space for the growth of your horsemanship and of your horse’s savvy.

Starting a Conversation with a Horse - Lessons

I have a genuine enthusiasm for teaching that my students feel during our lessons. I believe that teaching the proper basics to the handler is of the utmost importance. Just as it is for the horse, a human can only advance when the basics have been taught well. I break down the correct handler’s position and how this affects the horses balance in an easy to understand way. I also use fun exercises to help both horse and person stay interested with the challenges at hand.

Please see what others are saying about me on my Testimonials page!

Discover Deeper Harmony - Training

I am available to and very much enjoy training horses and honing their skills, on both a short or long term basis.

My methods produce rideable and educated animals, and I am happy to work with both youngsters as well as the older horses, horses just starting or horses that are comfortable in their careers. My focus is always to turn out a confident horse that knows and can do whatever job it is given well.

Additionally I believe that the way a horse is started under saddle shapes how they will perform and respond to all people as a finished horse. I help equines develop emotional, mental and physical fitness by introducing them to a wide range of desensitizing stimuli, without flooding, to build confidence. Through my quiet and gentle training methods, I establish and grow the horse's abilities to communicate with as well as trust and respect all people, the building blocks of a solid partner of a horse.

No matter what goals you have for your horse, from a competent trail riding companion to Olympic level dressage horse, a strong foundation is the key to your horse's success. I use principles and techniques I've developed during my many years of experience working with all ages, breeds and types of horses, as well as incorporating concepts learned from masters of the natural horsemanship movement.

Reviving Your Relationship - Tuning Up

I also specialize in problem solving and foundation repair. My many years of experience with many different breeds and types of horses have given me the ability to see beneath the surface issues and get quickly to the root of the problem.

My experience is that most behavior problems can be resolved by filling the holes in the horse's foundation training. By breaking every task into its smallest component, I re-enforce and develop the horse's confidence (without flooding) in learning so that when the components are then combined into a more advanced task, the horse is ready, willing and up to the challenge.

I can offer safe and long lasting solutions and insight to an array of more specific problems that arise between horses and their owners or other humans, including:

  • Resistance to groundwork including leading, lunging, round penning, backing up, pivoting on front or hind
  • Pulling back
  • Resistance to trailer loading, bathing, spray bottles, tarps, puddles or any other obstacle
  • High sensitivity or dullness to aids (pressure or lack of with legs or hands)
  • Spookiness, bucking, rearing, striking or otherwise overly aggressive or timid behaviors
  • Hard to catch

Workshops and Consulting

I enjoy sharing my teachings with groups! I have already partnered with Jessie Tierney of Horseback Yoga to add a bridge into activity with horses to the age old wisdom of presence and awareness that Jessie teaches as part of her equine infused yoga experience.

I also have consulted and trained horses for Ekone Ranch. I then used my experiences working with their herd to develop a workshop to further the understanding of their summer camp staff to help bring the powerful teachings of relationship with horses fully into the hearts and minds of the two and four legged team of teachers. See what Ekone Ranch is saying about me on my Testimonials page!

I am excited for future opportunities to partner with other teachers and horse enthusiasts to develop workshops to suit a multitude of intentions, spaces and horses. As a consultant I can offer many helpful insights to the holistic care and handling of horses that are part of a riding school or summer camp or if more info is needed, refer to a handful of high quality professionals who specialize in the appropriate field of knowledge.

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Please contact me with any questions you may have about my rates and availability.